There’s been a lot said about celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan, Justin Bieber, Paris Hilton, and others getting away with crimes such as shoplifting, driving under the influence, vandalism, and even assault and only receiving very lenient sentences. It’s super obvious that the average everyday person would not have this many chances to escape lengthy jail terms if they were to commit the exact same crimes that these celebrities did.

In that respect, the lives celebrities live are completely different from those of the average Joe just walking down the street, but their celebrity status can also lead towards various vices and sometimes even the need for the wild and fast lifestyle the position they are in can afford them, and it is clear that quite a few celebrities don’t feel the law applies to them.

Yet, for people who often find themselves idolized as icons and heroes by their fans, it can be difficult imagining that they’d do anything so blatantly evil or horrific that their crimes more often than not end up landing them in prison for close to the rest of their lives. They don’t get a second chance, absolutely zero leniency, and are just treated the same as everybody else in their position would be.

Here are 15 athletes, actors, reality stars, and others who at one point or another have gained celebrity status, but have thrown all of it down the drain by committing some absolutely horrible crimes.




Skylar Deleon – Murdering An Innocent Couple

In 2004, married couple Thomas and Jackie Hawks advertised their yacht for sale, and Deleon, his then-pregnant wife Jennifer Henderson, and their friend and former corrections officer Alonso Machain answered.

Skylar Deleon was a former child actor who performed in multiple commercials and played Roger on the original Might Morphin Power Rangers TV series. However, as an adult, his career began to fade, mainly because of the fact that he could never remember his lines.

Married couple Jackie and Thomas Hawks advertised their yacht for sale in 2004, and Skylar Deleon, and his then-pregnant wife, Jennifer Henderson, and their former corrections officer, Alonso Machain and friend answered.

The morning of November 15, 2004 was the time the Hawkes were seen alive, and while the yacht did eventually return, their bodies were never found.

Although Skylar Deleon tried claiming that Alonso Machain witnessed the purchase of the yacht, Machain returned to the United States after fleeing to Mexico, and confessed how he was involved in murdering the Hawkes and ended up testifying against both Deleon’s wife and him for the crimes they committed. Skylar Deleon got the death penalty, while on the other hand, Henderson received life in prison for committing first-degree murder.


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