A Haunted Swing Moves On Its Own

One concerned dad posted a video of a swing going on its own when he was at a park with his children one cloudy day. When it comes to swinging sets, they’re pretty much always going on their own whenever a gust of wind hits them.

Although it’s still a creepy sight, it’s certainly not uncommon, and most of us don’t think twice when we see it happening. There was something different about this swing, however.

It was going at a much quicker pace than anything else on the park, and the wind wasn’t even that bad that day. As you can see in the still from the video, the rest of the swings aren’t going either. It’s all about the way the swings go back and forth, too.

They move differently when controlled by someone else versus when the wind is controlling them. This swing certainly moved in a way as if a human was swinging back and forth inside.


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