This Used To Be Okay For Kids To Play On

Every once in a while, you might go to a playground and see a structure that makes you wonder how on earth anyone allowed it to get made for children simply out of safety reasons. Sometimes, things seem too tall or too unstable to allow uncoordinated kiddos to jump around on.

This photograph certainly takes the trophy for most WTF structure ever. The photograph was taken of a very old playground that no longer exists and was demolished once it was found to be a little too unsafe for children to play on.

Um, yeah, you think? It existed at a time when people weren’t as concerned as we are now about child safety; however, it still seems strange that it was allowed to be made in the first place!

People complain kids these days aren’t as tough as they used to be, and maybe we can blame that on not having 20-foot-high monkey bars.


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