Playgrounds are somewhere children are supposed to be able to go and get a little energy out while their parents are able to relax and watch everything that’s happening. Sometimes, people even get playgrounds built in their own backyards, and other times, the neighborhood playground is the hottest spot for all of the kids to hang out at.

Some playgrounds are wonderful, while others appear to be falling apart. Kids aren’t the ones who tend to enjoy playgrounds either. Sometimes, everyone occasionally finds joy going down a slide or on a swing.

Unfortunately, though, in some of the scariest cases, children and adults are not the one people who enjoy parks. Playgrounds can also be the home of things that are a lot more sinister than we could every imagine.

Just think about your favorite top five horror movies. There’s a pretty good chance that one scene in one of those films just happens to take place at a local park or playground at one point or another.

It’s a very known community staple. so, of course, there will be a few freaky things that happen at such a commonly known hot spot. Playgrounds are thought to be considered childhood sanctuaries, but there are definitely a few playgrounds out there that do not meet any of these qualifications that all local playgrounds should meet when it comes to children. There is always a chance that playground is somehow connected if a tragedy ever occurs in a neighborhood.

What do you think of when you hear someone begin talking about a playground? If you have any kids yourself or other small children you take to a playground often, you might find yourself a little spooked the next time you go after reading through this list. Here are 15 disturbing pictures that were taken from playgrounds around the world. What do you think?




A Syrian Playground

The attacks occurring in Syria are considered to be one of the most devastating things that is currently happening in our world today. It’s often easy to close our walls when it comes to those seeking help out of fear of what could happen to those in our very own communities.

What we also have to remember is that when these walls are closed, we are also shutting the doors right in the faces of the kids who at one time or another called this playground their very own sanctuary.

Children were able to race up to this park, climb on the monkey bars, slide down the slides, swing on the swings at one point in time at this park. They are no longer able to do any of that. If they were to ever go back here, who really knows what kind of terrors they made face?

All of the friendships that started, memories that were made, and laughter that once happened here is now all gone, just like the places that so many kids could call home at one time or another.


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