What did we do before Google Maps and other navigation apps for our smartphones? Most of us wouldn’t be able to survive without a digital view of where we need to go and how we need to get there. Entering your destination in an app gives you the opportunity to know how long exactly it will take to get you from place to place with most also offering multiple routes to determine what way fits your needs the best.

We have the ability to see where, when, and how we’re going to a place days before we even think about leaving. We can check out other places around our destination and plan an amazing vacation all before we even leave the couch.

However, with the ability to see every detail of the world around us near and far, we’re bound to run into some pretty eerie sites every once in a while.

Google Earth is an amazing way to see pretty much every place on the planet using radar technology. While this gives us the opportunity to see some incredible things, there are plenty of creepy locations that leave even the experts baffled. Of course, most people would say that half the things we see are glitches in the technology, but with programs so advanced, it’s hard to believe everything is just a mistake! Sometimes, it’s simply the people around the area that leave us scared to ever go outside again.

What do you think the creepiest location on the list is? Here are the 15 Most Terrifying Images Taken From Google Earth.




Crop Circle?

It seems like it’s been a while since we heard of any crop circles popping up around. Perhaps that’s because major news networks realized there was too much of a chance that they were hoaxes for them to be newsworthy stories, or maybe the aliens got sick of us not listening to their messages in the crops and moved on to other planets to reach out to. Google Maps offered us a nice look at something similar to a crop circle since they began documenting the world around us.

Although not on a field, this strange pattern appeared in a Chinese desert and has baffled many who’ve found the symbols. When things like this happen, most people would state that it’s likely just a hoax to get some attention. If not a hoax, most interesting things end up being art pieces by sneaky artists. However, no one has come forward to claim this is their work just yet, so for now, we’ll assume it’s another way for extraterrestrials to get a signal back.


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