There isn’t anything funny about drug abuse. It is an extremely serious issues that people have problems with every day.

In fact, it’s something that can be so overwhelming to a person that it has the power to take down families, and, sometimes, in the worst case, can cause someone to die. The allure of totally vanishing from the complicated world is one thing that many people can find hard to resist.

Normally, the only thing that slows down their bad habit is the cost of their drugs. But, unfortunately, more often than not, addicts will end up going bankrupt before they even start kicking their vice.

Drugs can end up being very bad for someone who cannot afford them, but for the ones who can afford them, they are often downright irresistible. And this is really where the problem lies, when they are always obtainable and affordable, sometimes, celebrities will end up losing control.

Hollywood known for the partying lifestyle it offers. The famous and rich have always tended to make a meal out of alcohol and drug abuse. So, it really shouldn’t come as a surprise that those in Hollywood end up becoming too attached to multiple drugs of their choice sometimes. These drugs can be anything from casual to the more intense. Celebrities aren’t a stranger to both the more extreme and the casual use of drugs. There have been many tales of celebrities overdosing over the years. Some fortunately survive, while others are not that lucky. But the one thing that connects to all drug use is that it winds up destroying almost all prior success and any hope of success. Young stars often fall under the pressure of drug use and pay a very dear price with the destruction of their careers and then their health following.

Here are 15 Hollywood careers that due to drug us have been destroyed! Let us know what your opinion on this is and if you noticed a celebrity you didn’t think you’d see!




Charlie Sheen

Oh, Charlie Sheen definitely isn’t “winning.” The actor has went from the highest-paid small-screen star to just winding up as a sad punchline. He ended up evolving into a crushing cautionary story of drug and alcohol abuse, and ego, and we aren’t even scratching the surface.
We have yet to get to the prostitutes he had. This all started while he was reigning as TV King on the show we all know as Two and a Half Men. Charlie Sheen got into a fight that was very public with the creator and producer of the hit television series, Chuck Lorre.

This fight wound up abruptly ending Charlie Sheen’s run on the show and taking his title as the world’s biggest television star away. Charlie Sheen was headed to drug rehab during the finishing of filming the 8th season of the show and made countless demeaning comments towards Lorre. This ended up getting Charlie Sheen fired, and then, the actor went on an insane run of complicated issues and rants that would soon become legendary.


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