The Ghost Of Gay Street

While one particular three-story house on Gay Street in New York City’s Greenwich Village appears to be the hub of bizarre activity, the entire street is said to be home to mysterious figures lurking in the shadows before vanishing, noises like children playing in otherwise quiet buildings, and strange aromas of cooked food seemingly coming from out of nowhere.

The house in question, 12 Gay Street, was built in 1827 and is said to have been a place where influential figures and celebrities of the time would gravitate to for prestigious parties and dinners.

Although there are accounts of strange sightings of what would become known as the Ghost of Gay Street going back to the late 19th century, the property and the street itself would find fame in the 1960s when respected paranormal investigator Hans Holzer visited it.

Many paranormal researchers have conducted further investigations of the house since, and it is widely regarded as an authentic and genuine paranormal hot spot.

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