The “Most Active Paranormal Area In The US”

Antioch, California, is said to be one of the “most active paranormal areas” in all of the United States. Situated east of San Francisco, ghost stories and encounters with strange entities are in abundance.

For example, you may bump into Sarah Norton, a local resident from the 1800s who was killed when a carriage knocked her down and ran her over. Her death occurred near the Black Diamond Mines, a hot spot of ghostly activity in itself.

Two dark figures are often reported to be lurking around the mines, while the spirit of the White Witch—who was executed nearby—is also said to roam the area.

If you decide to indulge in a little fishing in the Antioch area, you very well may bump into the woman who has been seen flying over the marina or even the gold miner who once lived in a white house on the town’s outskirts and who has held conversations with several people.

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