The Curse Of Pyramid Lake

Pyramid Lake in Nevada is one of the most beautiful, serene settings anyone could hope to visit, at least on the surface. The legends of the area, and their origins, are anything but.

As settlers from the west encroached more and more on land inhabited by the Paiute tribe, tensions quickly turned to animosity and ultimately the Paiute War, sometimes known as the Pyramid Lake War. The conflict was bloody, to say the least, with 80 deaths on the side of the settlers and an untold number of Paiutes killed. A cease-fire was agreed to in August 1860—but not before the Paiute tribe placed a curse on the lake.

Many people who visit the area often report hearing babies crying or children laughing, as if the sound is emanating from the water itself. Furthermore, hearing the children’s voices is a sign of bad luck. According to a local saying, “If you hear them you will have bad luck. If you see them you are dead.”

As if to add a dose of reality to these dark legends, many swimmers and divers have drowned in the lake, often in mysterious circumstances. Stranger still, some unfortunate people simply vanished and are presumed dead.

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