Long History Of Witchcraft At Meon Hill

Meon Hill and the surrounding areas of Lower and Upper Quinton in Warwickshire, England, have a long history of witchcraft and the practicing of dark arts.

Meon Hill itself has a bizarre legend attached to its creation. Following the completion of Evesham Abbey, the Devil himself hurled a “large clod of earth” at the place of worship.

The bishop of Worcester from 693 to 717, Saint Egwin, used prayer to swerve the approaching pile out of the way of the abbey and to a field nearby, so creating Meon Hill.

The Rollright Stones also reside nearby and are considered even today to be a meeting place of witches and those who practice black magic. According to the legends, the stones are the remains of a Danish king and his army who were advancing toward the capital. A witch would halt this advance, however, turning them into stone, which they will remain as until the end of time.

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