The Many Hauntings Of Staten Island

While there are hundreds of apparently haunted locations in the state of New York, Staten Island appears to be home to more than its fair share.

For example, the Conference House (pictured above), built in 1680 by Christopher Billop, an officer in the British Royal Navy, is said to stand on sacred Native American land—burial land at that.

Many sightings of old British soldiers are said to occur here, as well as that of a young maid. Legend states that Billop stabbed her to death in the building shortly after its completion.

Lights in the Parsonage House are known to turn on and off of their own accord, at least according to residents of the area. Many other sightings are regularly reported at St. Andrews Church and the St. George Theatre, both of which have stood for hundreds of years. Perhaps one of the most haunted locations is Snug Harbor, which has reports of strange apparitions going back to the “settlement” of the region.

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