Paranormal Incidents At Dyer Lane

Dyer Lane is a lonely 1.6-kilometer (1 mi) stretch of road in Elverta, California. It appears to be the center of bizarre paranormal activity, ranging from ghostly apparitions in the middle of the road to rocks being thrown, seemingly from nowhere, at joggers who dare venture that way.

The origins, and the cause if you believe the legends, go back to the mid-19th century, before the road existed. At that time, it was land owned by the Dyer family—John, Julie, and their children. They kept cattle on the land as well as a slaughterhouse and appeared to be happy and prosperous.

However, John, it would seem, struggled with remaining faithful to his wife, and one evening, after murdering their youngest children, Julie Dyer slaughtered her husband before taking her own life. The Dyer’s eldest child would return later that evening, and upon being confronted with the carnage of the murder of his entire family, he set light to every building on the land, ensuring all were destroyed.

Whether the Dyers really do haunt the road named in their honor is open to debate. Many locals, however, will tell you to stay clear of the stretch if possible.

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