The Stocksbridge Bypass

Created to provide a quicker link between Sheffield and Manchester in the north of England, the Stocksbridge Bypass is said to be one of the most haunted roads in Europe.

There are regular reports of strange children playing in the fields at the side of the carriageway or of figures suddenly appearing in the middle of the road. One particular sighting of this nature occurred on New Year’s Eve 1997, when a young couple had to swerve their car to avoid hitting “a figure [that] just appeared in the road” in front of them. Incidentally, statistics show this road to have one of the highest accident rates in the country, with many reports stating the drivers had “swerved their vehicles” to avoid hitting something in their path.

The sightings were reported as soon as construction began on the new road, with researchersclaiming the land was once home to many mines which claimed the lives of numerous children who fell down their shafts.

There is also a local legend of a monk who, after falling from grace with the church, was buried somewhere on the land. One of the first encounters on record, reported by two security guards patrolling the area, was the sighting of a dark figure dressed in monk’s robes.

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