The Albino Creatures Of Hicks Road

San Jose, California, officially came into existence in November 1777. Surrounded by breathtaking mountains and thick woodland, one particular area, today known as Hicks Road, has been home to sightings of strange albino figures ever since, and likely for a long time before that.

According to legends, these pale-skinned beings inhabit small communities of huts or shacks away from the rest of civilization. They only venture down in search of food.

Whether there is any truth to the legends or not, many motorists refuse to drive down Hicks Road. Some stories even tell of people discovering vehicles abandoned at the sides of the road, their owners nowhere to be seen.

There are also legends of an old, beaten pickup truck that roams the road looking for unsuspecting people who have ventured down the menacing route. Some people even claim to have been actively chased by this battered vehicle.

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