The Stone Bridge Off Old Applewhite Road

Under a stone bridge off Old Applewhite Road in San Antonio, Texas, is said to reside the Donkey Lady, a mysterious woman who legend states suffered horrific burns in a fire at some point in the 1950s.

Hideously scarred, she was shunned by her husband and the community at large and was said to have taken refuge in the loneliness of the surrounding woodlands. There have been many apparent sightings of the Donkey Lady over the years, although it is not clear, if indeed the story is true, whether these sightings are of the lady herself or her spirit.

Further legends state that should you wish to see the Donkey Lady for yourself, you should drive to the bridge, turn off your headlights, and then call out her name three times. It is said that she will then appear to you.

Although these details are found in many other urban legends, many local residents insist that they have had bizarre experiences at the otherwise lonely and nondescript bridge.

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