Life in the outback isn’t for the faint of heart. From the murkiest waters to dry land, it seems that there’s some creature with charged up super powers out to get those brave Aussies at every turn. If that’s not enough, there’s half-crazed lunatics hunting other humans and the natural elements alone can be enough to kill.

Luckily, the Aussies seem to be scrappy enough to take care of themselves. At worst, they may get into a tangle with a baby croc and have to chuck a sickie so we’ll consider this list a warning guide of sorts for those of us who don’t live in Australia and just want to keep it handy in case someone tries to talk us into joining them for an outback adventure.

We’d hate for anyone to accuse us of whinging but personally speaking, we rather enjoy the thought of seeing the late arvo sun for several more decades to come. In any case, we hope you find this list to be a ripper time! It’s chockers full of fascinating yet terrifying items that add up to one big death trap. Read on if you dare, mate.




The Marble Cone Snail Is More Thug Than Slug

A predatory sea snail? Yep, this one comes loaded with its own harpoons and is also venemous, that’s really what the small pipette looking poison tubes are called. The marble cone snail’s harpoon acts as a disposable hypodermic needle that reaches out from its cone to strike a victim before it falls off.

Marble cone snails primarily target small sea life but they can cause damage, even severe damage to humans if they feel threatened so they should never be handled. The killer snail usually has around twenty harpoons in “cone storage” at any given time so it’s literally locked and loaded and ready for anything coming its way.

The marble cone snail’s harpoon is filled with a cocktail of poison that sends its victims into something called excitotoxic shock initially and then to a state of flaccid paralysis. It all seems very unfair as the fish never see it coming since the harpoon can strike from a distance away. But that’s how a thug slug works under the sea.


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