You can make a pretty decent living as a child celebrity. Being just the right amount of adorable and personable pays well in Hollywood and turns you into an overnight sensation that, if you play your cards right, can lead to a career in movies and television that rivals some of the biggest names in the business.

Take actors like Kurt Russell, Ron Howard, Natalie Portman, Jodie Foster, and Leonardo DiCaprio as examples. All are still actively working in Hollywood films and have been for decades. They’ve found success and managed to stay popular with a widespread audience. But, for some celebs, the transition from child to adult star isn’t so easy. And, it’s not always their fault.

For every A-list star that grows up to be stunning and attractive, there are ten who phase out because their looks have failed them. The adorable voices and freshly squeezable faces that made them huge stars as kids left and pimples, dropping voices, weight gain, and bad habits did them in. These kids (and their agents) perhaps believed they’d stay cute forever, but it didn’t turn out that way, and these once hailed celebs are no longer relevant in Hollywood on any level.

Below is a list of 15 celebrities that had it made as kids. Everyone thought they’d stay cute forever, but reality hit hard. Once the new faces of movies and television, they are now the faces of “whatever happened to” shows that so often grace our television screens. Hopefully, these actors saved and were wise with their money. The way they look now, they probably won’t be getting more Hollywood work anytime soon, at least not because of how cute they are.




Josh Saviano

Josh Saviano was the cute geeky kid on Wonder Years, and he grew up rumored to be the secret alias of Marilyn Manson. That’s not saying much if you’re hoping to continue your career in Hollywood as the adorable sidekick.

When you’re a kid, some of the features that make you stand out–like a distinct nose, nerdy glasses, or buck teeth–are cute and you can play them off as features that make you unique and adorable in your own oddball kind of way. Saviano played that role to perfection when he was a child celebrity.

Today, Saviano has grown up and had a harder time shaking some of those features. The problem is, there aren’t many roles for the goofy nerdy adult sidekick, and he’s not actually Marilyn Manson.


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