We all remember child actors who were just pure cuteness on the screen and everybody went “aw” the moment their adorable little faces appeared on TV. With one show or another, we all are guilty of this.

Seriously, who didn’t think that little Olivia from The Cosby Show was the cutest thing ever? And what about little Michelle from Full House?

Those kids were too adorable to be true. Unfortunately, not all of those cute little munchkins grew up to be just as adorable as adults. Sadly, not everyone battles with aging and time the same.

Have you ever wondered where those kids are now, how do they look, and what do they do? Have those adorable faces changed a lot over the years?

Of course they have changed, it is inevitable, but some of them have changed in a way you won’t believe when you see them. And it is not all about the looks either, it is not all about the little swans turning into ugly ducklings instead of the other way around.

Some of them have stopped being adorable because of their wild and reckless behavior which makes them unrecognizable now. It is hard to believe that a woman drugged out of her mind used to be that innocent, sweet, little girl we all grew to love back in the day.

Here are 15 Disney munchkins who grew up to be less than adorable. Let us know your honest opinion!




Raven Symoné

Little Olivia Kendall from The Cosby Show, portrayed by Raven Symoné, was one of the cutest kids anybody has ever seen on the screen. People fell in love with her character instantly because of how adorable and funny she was.

However, when you look at her today, the whole magic is completely gone. Not only she is not adorable anymore, she actually looks a bit scary with all that heavy makeup and crazy hairstyles. Sure, she’s not as scary as her former colleague Bill Cosby, but he was actually never adorable to start with.

Raven’s career is going quite fine, but she will always be remembered for her first role that made her one of the most beloved child actors of all time. Unfortunately, we all have to grow up sooner or later.


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