When you think of a childhood, you mostly think of and imagine soccer games, sticky popsicle fingers, and family vacations. Every parent daydreams of what life will be like with their bundle of joy before having children.

Will they dislike cranberries like dad, or love horses like mom? What most don’t ever imagine, is their child being a criminal. No parent wants to ever see their child behind bars, but for some children, instead of playing on the monkey bars, life will be spent behind jail bars.

Murder is a common discussion in the news, but more often than not, those crimes are usually seen being committed by adults. The world stops and panics when a child is heard to have to committed murder.

Some go on to blame the child’s parents, while others blame society as a whole. But the truth is, it’s always a very tragic and sand occurrence for anyone who ends up being involved.

The adolescent brain isn’t fully matured, and adolescents are more prone to impulsive behavior and risk taking, but most would never associate that with murder. People generally know right from wrong at a certain age, but for these kids, their anger got the best of them and ended up placing them behind bars.

Read below to find out about some of the most horrendous and gruesome crimes committed by children before they were even able to reach puberty!




The Blood Brothers – 10/11 Years Old

Two brothers in Edlington, one 10 and the other 11 years old, attacked two other male children. The victims could be seen innocently playing on a playground, when the brothers managed to lure the boys away, they began their vicious and brutal attack.

The boys punched, kicked and robbed the two children and beat them with “bricks, sticks and glass,” according to The Guardian. The boys even went on to use a cigarette to burn the poor children. It was even reported that one of the two victims was forced to perform sexual acts.

The injuries were so severe after the victims were found, that they looked dead. Ultimately, the brothers were arrested, but according to reports, they showed zero signs of remorse after doing what they did.