The Afterlife, coding out and then crossing over into what we call Heaven or Hell. Where do we go, if anywhere at all? What happens to us there?

Is there even an afterlife to ponder about? It seems the answer to that question is priceless. We suppose that all depends on what you’re willing to believe about the end.

There are all types of beliefs that range from person to person. Some of us go to church on Sundays while others might not practice any kind of religion at all.

Others believe in the big bang theory and think everything before us is the outcome of the biggest explosion the universe has ever seen. The evolution of tiny star dust particles evolving into everything that we see today. There’s no shortage of things to believe in that’s for certain.

Are there people who can shed some insight on what it’s like to die? Are there people out there that know more about all of our pending trips to the other side than we do?

You know, people who have cheated death after looking it square in the eye. Yes, there are, and they’re called survivors.

Which survivor you ask will have a big impact on determining what kind of answer you’re going to get.

Many of these people who have had NDEs (Near Death Experiences) have seen heaven and felt its inviting glory. Others, in terrifying stories, claim they’ve been to hell and back.

What they’ve seen, and felt was not unconditional love. Far from it.

What they experienced wasn’t eternal acceptance and seeing old family and friends they’d lost years prior. What they saw on their trip to hell changed their second chance at life forever.

Here are 10 visions of hell by survivors of near-death experiences.




Forced to Sleep

Feeling like you’re trapped inside one of your dreams and unable to wake back up is a horrifically terrifying dream to have. For those of you who’ve had that nightmare, you can relate.

It sucks, and anyone who’s had one of those nightmares remembers waking up out of breath gasping for air. The helpless of not having the ability to wake up is powerful.

So imagine that sort of feeling overwhelming you when you’re dying! A few survivors who’ve had a near-death experience and were sent to hell have said that they remember feeling extremely sleepy.

They claim it was as if they were being forced to close their eyes and lost the ability to remain conscious.


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