The Vikings And Their Doomed S*x Slave

If you know anything about Vikings, at the very least, you know they’re pretty brutal. It makes sense, then, that their funerals would be extreme. When a Chieftain Viking passed away, they would take the mourning ritual to the extreme.

When a Chieftain died, they would immediately bury him. Then, for ten days, they prepared the clothes he would wear and offerings to be cremated with him when they dug him up in ten days. The offerings were most commonly foods, sometimes chickens and other livestock.

But the most brutal part? They would oftentimes prepare a slave or two to be burned with the Chieftain as well so that they could aid him in his future life.

Oftentimes, these slaves were women, and for the ten days that they spent preparing the Chieftains gifts, the other Vikings would spend their time taking turns having s*x with the slave girls so as to show their love for the Chieftain. Then, after ten days, the slaves would be burned alive with the Chieftain.