Mourning Jewelry

Mourning Jewelry used to much more common over 100 years ago when people didn’t have easier ways to mourn and remember their loved ones. Oftentimes, mourning jewelry was nothing more than the birthstone or some other important gem of a deceased loved one.

It’s something that we still practice commonly today. But even rarer were instances when people would keep locks of hair of the beloved dead in a locket or other form of jewelry.

People still practice this today as well, it’s just seen as a little more macabre than it used to be. Everyone probably knows someone who has their ashes of a deceased loved one, and some people take it as far as to carry those ashes around with them on some form of jewelry.

There’s nothing wrong with this if it’s the way you choose to mourn. But for some, it can seem a little weird to wear around another person’s body, in a sense.