They say that letting go is the hardest part. We have all struggled with that in some way. Some of us, more than others. Well, fame is the ficklest of partners. Celebrities come and go like the tide. Some bow out gracefully, retiring when the time is right, but some have a really difficult time accepting when their run is up. While we don’t want to see anyone fail in their profession, we also understand that there is only so much room in the celebrity world. Hell, this is a place where a little girl became famous for mispronouncing the word “catch.” We can’t fit everyone, regardless of their abilities. Even the most talented of individuals get pushed to the boundaries of fame. As we said, fickle.

Today, we look at the stars or, at least, people who used to be stars, that are lingering. When we see a fall from grace, it can make us sad, but we shouldn’t get too bent out of shape. After all, these people are still working. They’re still making money. We can’t expect every actor to stay in the spotlight for their entire career. That’s what makes the great ones so great.

That being said, most of the actors on this list have long gone from B-list (or even A-list) to something else. They’re still famous, dangling helplessly and ready to fall off completely, but they’ve got their fingernails latched on. You have to admire their tenacity. If they did let go, we’re sure they would land on their feet, but it’s scary for them. For many here, they’ve been celebs for a long time. They don’t know how not to be famous. So, unfortunately, we’re here to bring bad news. Like animal control coming to collect a stray puppy, we’re informing these celebs that they don’t belong here anymore. Sorry, little guys. It’s time for you to come with us to the land of the not-at-all-famous anymore. Here are 15 B-List Celebs That Haven’t Realized They Are Not Famous Anymore.

1. Snooki

Sweet lord, they’re back. When a Jersey Shore comeback was announced, every teacher in America shed a single tear. But, even when the series first came to an end, Snooki and the rest of the gang never faded away completely. Well, most of the others actually did, but Snooki and her spray tan endured.

She is just like that terrible orange-colored song that you can’t get out of your head. Every time you think it’s all gone, she finds herself on some new incredibly stupid reality show she’s been signed to. There was a lull for a while. If you’ve stayed off Twitter and didn’t have to hear her brag about her #momlife like she deserves a medal for getting knocked up, then it’s likely that you avoided her. But now, there’s really no hope. She’s back and she’s going to be everywhere.