The world of fame and celebrities often also comes with a lot of negatives, even if we don’t hear them complaining about them very often.

Everyone is always seen sticking their nose into your business because there’s no privacy, and at all times you seem to be on show for the entire world to see. The fact that fame also comes with all of the money one would ever need is a pretty good positive, and can really help outweigh the negatives of being a celebrity in our opinion. How many times have you seen a nice dress, purse, or pair of shoes in your favorite celebrity’s Instagram post and Googled the item? How shocked were when you realized that, yes, they actually did spend $30,000 on a ticket for the Met Gala or paid $4,500 for heels? Yep, it really does sound like the dream life.

There’s a mixture of celebrities who’ve went in to weigh in on both sides of the coin with this issue. There are celebrities that find themselves neutral, they buy nice things on occasions, but don’t necessarily flash them around, they just live their lives. As much as everyone on this site loves discussing celebrities, we aren’t here to discuss them in this article. We’re here to discuss the top 10 celebrities who are known for flaunting their wealth as much as possible, and the top 5 celebrities who live beneath their means, like common-folk. Now, we’re not saying celebrities that flash their money around are bad, sometimes they just like their fans to appreciate their goods. We’re okay with that, because then we’re able to live the high life through them as well. Alright, let’s start this list off with the flashy celebrities.

Here are 10 celebrities so rich they’ve lost touch with reality and 5 celebrities that are too cheap.




Expensive Taste: Kylie Jenner

No list about people with an insane amount of money would ever be complete without having at least one Kardashian or Jenner on it. For this one, were bringing up Kylie Jenner. At just 20 years old, she’s the youngest of siblings, but she’s already rich enough that her grandchildren will probably never even have to work. She has her own makeup brand to keep her busy and she’s a new mom to her daughter, Stormi. Her exact net worth is $50 million. To get things started, let’s talk about all the cars she owns but never seems to really be driving anywhere. That we know of, Kylie owns seven cars, and all of them are so expensive that we don’t even think we can afford one of them.

Kylie takes to Instagram a lot to help advertise her makeup brand, known as Kylie Cosmetics, and often her frequent vacations to the Caribbean, Turks and Caicos, Mexico and more. The Kardashians also love splurging at least $30,000 per ticket to attend the Met Gala every year, even though they’re never really seen following the theme. Another amazing achievement for Kylie was buying her first home at the young age of just 18. A $35 million dollar mansion in Beverly Hills. Oh how the other half live.