Many celebrities make success look easy if we’re being honest. We see all of the glitz and glamour, which makes forgetting that becoming an overnight success actually in reality takes on average around 6 years.

You will rarely ever hear about the setbacks and tough times that these stars experienced because they’re so focused on their achievements and they don’t really want anyone remember the tough times they’ve endured while reaching for their goals and working towards where you see them now.

It’s very true that everyone in life has a calling and it is their purpose to find out what that is. For the following stars, it would’ve been difficult to believe that greater things were on the horizon due to the fact that they spent each night in either a van, car or trailer park.

Someone of them were even forced to turn to theft just to survive. Waiting on luck to strike can take a long time, but the following stars never gave up.

The latest statistics from The Economist found that 578,424 were recorded as being without shelter in America, sleeping in tents, car, or on the streets. There are also 1.49 million people using homeless shelters. Here are 15 filthy rich celebrities that used to live in trailer parks and vans.

1. Eminem Was Evicted From The Trailer He Lived In

Eminem’s struggle growing up around a mother who was dependent on alcohol and drugs has been well-documented in his rap albums. Living in a Detroit trailer park with his mother, he revealed, “As soon as I turned fifteen, my mother was like, ‘Get a f*****g job and help me with these bills or your a** is out.” The rapper whose birth name is Marshall Mothers, then began making his own mixtapes in hopes of catching his first big break.

After the birth of his baby sister, he recalls, “I didn’t have a job that whole summer. Then we got evicted because my friends and me were paying rent to the guy on the lease, and he screwed us over.” It was only after returning from his trip to L.A. that he discovered he’d been locked out, he said, “I had to break in. I didn’t have anywhere else to go. There was no heat, no water, no electricity. I slept on the floor.”

Not long after, Dr. Dre spotted him and he’s now widely considered to be one of the most successful rappers of all time.