In a post-Kardashian era, the makeup game for celebrities has become absolutely everything. With many of them feeling like they can’t even leave the comfort of their home without having it on.

Whether it is lip fillers, perfect contouring, or even just nude tones or blush, whatever your preference may be when it comes to your face, it’s imperative that they don’t ever go wrong when it comes to these items. In the celebrity world, a lot of the times putting makeup on feels like a must.

But as the world around us continues to grow obsessed with the latest beauty trends and makeup, some of the hottest women in Hollywood feel they do not need makeup and even sometimes can be seen without it.

Women around the world should beginning feeling like this no matter who they are.

From Milla Jovovich to Angelina Jolie, these women have all been able to really embrace the natural beauty they’ve been given and can still easily stun you any day with their good looks and natural facial features, even without having any makeup on these women are considered to be drop dead gorgeous throughout all of Hollywood. And it is easy to see why that is.

Here’s what 15 of the most beautiful women in Hollywood look like without having makeup on. Let us know who you think looks best!




Kim Kardashian

She’s known for making an empire out of the beauty business, but what exactly does the Queen of contouring look like without her makeup on? It’s been revealed that Kim Kardashian is so insecure about her looks that she even sleeps in makeup and every morning takes hours just putting her face on for the day.

The internet seemingly went wild when a few untouched, no makeup photographs of Kim Kardashian were leaked recently and people realized that she really needs to cling onto her makeup utensils and brushes.