Celebrities love spending their money on just about anything.

From lavish mansions to expensive cars in the Hollywood Hills, these stars will stop at nothing to obtain the best of the best. So while celebrities like Katy Perry or LeBron James are out purchasing diamond necklaces and hot rods, or casually posting their excursions on their private jet on Instagram, us common folk can’t help but feel a little jealous of them.

However, there have quite a few celebrities that just never know when to say no when it comes to spending those millions they’ve made on ridiculous things. Sadly, these celebrities have filed for bankruptcy, fallen into spirals of debt, and even had to sell their million dollar homes for a mere 3 ½ baths, 5 bedrooms in another part of town.

We definitely aren’t feeling sorry for these stars, especially when everyone practically saw this coming. Most of these celebrities would either fall into the C or even D list of stars within Hollywood, so that’s why we’ve given them the proper title of being “washed up.” You know, those celebrities that kind of had some talent while they were relevant and now can’t land an acting gig whatsoever? Do Gary Busey or Stephen Baldwin come to mind when you think about “washed up” celebrities ? They’re certainly on our list. Here are 15 washed up celebrities to used to be rich.




Mike Tyson – Went From Having $300 Million To Losing It All And Going Bankrupt

You’d think the heavyweight-boxing champion of the world would easily be a multi-millionaire, but sadly for Mike Tyson, that just isn’t the case. Now retired, Mike Tyson went from once having $300 million to going completely bankrupt and losing it all. Tyson’s life began falling apart during the early 1990s, going through a divorce and then firing his longtime trainer Kevin Rooney. He started to lose major fights and when he was arrested and served three years in prison, he really hit a rough patch.

In 1995, Tyson made a small comeback, but then, just two years later, his famous stunt of biting a chunk of his opponent Evander Holyfield’s ear off really showed how truly done he was with his career. In 2005, he retired and since then, he’s had small TV appearances and played a minor role in the film The Hangover.