All mothers are amazing heroines that bring a whole lot of love into this world! How people seem to often forget about these magical creatures. Why? Simply because no matter how wonderful motherhood can be, real parenthood can get a little messy at times. Nappies, carrot strains, and tons of sleepless nights…

So people tend to focus more on glitter, glamour, and some pearls. Who’s glamorous? Celebrity mothers, of course!

It’s a fact that all mother love their babies, so we shouldn’t attack any mothers. Still, we should admit that some celebrity mothers present parenthood as something flashy and easy. Expensive toys, edited pictures, and witty posts.

The truth is that social media cannot reveal their postnatal emotions and exhaustion. Just like any other mom, famous moms cry when they’re alone, get annoyed at their kids, sometimes drink in silence, and need some help.

But shhh!!! When it comes to getting help, nobody mentions the word “nannies,” even though they do exist. Actually a lot celebrity kids have a mother… as well as a nanny. On top of that, celebrities shouldn’t be looked at as aliens, like anyone else in the world, they have their family issues, psychological traumas, and reasons to leave their babies. Did you know that even the great educator Maria Montessori that devoted her life to education and kids actually left her own child?

So here are 15 celebrity moms that didn’t even bother raising their kids. From family tragedies to nannies, celebrity mothers are just like us.





If J.Lo truly believes “Love Don’t Cost a Thing,” motherhood definitely does because it involves a lot of nannies. Jennifer Lopez is another celebrity mother that people love… gossiping about. She’s talented and sexy, her kids are adorable and her love life is quite intriguing.

But how is it possible for J.Lo to look so perfect, active and relaxed? Definitely not from cleaning up vomit from the carpet! She just has more time for herself while her twins Maximilian and Emme are both under the watch of their nannies.

As Beth Torre at Celebrity Staffing Services says about most of the celebrity moms, “Nobody can do the amount of work they do, and all of the traveling they do, and all of the social activity they do, without nannies.”

Although we never see the nannies, they’re often the ones raising those cute celebrity babies. So thank you, nannies!