Even though there really isn’t such a thing as the “A-list,” it’s still a (fake) list that nearly everybody in Hollywood hopes to be mentioned on. Your name is synonymous with success when you are mentioned on the A-list. The most expensive nightclubs and restaurants are going out of their way to have you visit, movie studios are chasing you down to appear in their films, every brand in the world is dying to have you endorse them, and virtually everybody on planet Earth knows your name.

And then there’s what we know as the “C-list.” While almost any one of us common folk would be happy to see our names appear on this list, being mentioned among this group is often considered to be a bad thing throughout Hollywood. This spot is reserved for those that were remembered for their flash of success in the past, with no real reason or success to be remember for ever since. They may make celebrity appearances on random places like, reality television series, game shows, or even lower-budget commercials, but they aren’t grabbing the attention of anyone notable Hollywood anymore like they once did.

For those that used to appear on the A-list, they often find it very hard reconciling with their new anonymity. There isn’t anything like Hollywood fame after all. And once you’re official part of the C-list club, that means the rest of the industry and your fans have moved on with out you.

Here are 20 celebrities that went from A-lister to C-lister in record time.

1. Aaron Carter

Aaron Carter was performing publicly on stages from the young age of 10, when he opened for his older brother’s band (The Backstreet Boys) during the late 1990s. From there, his album titled Aaron’s Party (Come Get It) sold over 3 million copies in the United States, and became certified triple platinum. He was dating Hilary Duff and appearing along the sides of Brittney Spears while performing at concerts, in other words, he was really enjoying life. But how he descended into the C-list was almost as meteoric as his rise, as over the next 3 years, his love life stalled, his music career stalled, and his attempt to do a reality television show failed as well. The only thing he is remembered for these days is his is stint in rehab, and his declaration that he was bi in 2017.