Nowadays, people are able to get celebrity status without putting any effort in. There’s tons of way someone can acquire fame and some level of fortune. The fame game is no longer just about musical icons and big acting stars. People can become celebrities by posting pictures and videos online, appearing in reality and game shows, there are so many different ways that allow people to get themselves out there. Those who decide to go down this path may become stars, but it’s very unlikely that they’ll become A-listers. A-list status is reserved for the best and biggest, those who are revered by everyone.

When striving to enter celebrity stardom, it’s fair for us to assume that many celebrities have told themselves this if and when they made it, they would not let fortune and fame get the better of them. A lot of several have really made an effort to remain grounded, and not get swept away by everything that comes with fame. It’s pretty hard to be able to do that, because let’s face it, these celebrities can’t and don’t live conventional lives. This does not mean that they don’t try. But on the flip side, there are a few celebrities that get carried away with everything. People start talking about them and they feel like they’ve hit the big time, and consequently their egos get inflated. These are 10 C-list celebrities who have had an enormous ego boost since acquiring fame. They didn’t need it, though. And here are 10 celebrities who have remained humble and grounded despite acquiring their A-list status.

1. C-Lister With Big Ego: Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan has had a pretty crazy ride while growing up. She’s faced many trials and tribulations throughout the years, and most of it has been well documented. You’d that after everything she’s faced, she’d be humble. But nope, she’s still the same Lindsay. Her issues and her diva moments have become infamous. There have been casting directors and co-stars of hers that have been less than enamored by her attitude. She thinks she’s an A-lister with huge celebrity status and entitled to living the high life, when in fact she’s a run-of-the-mill C-lister. Her ego is definitely her downfall and it’s stopping her getting back any smidgeon of credibility.