We all know that a high-powered career requires a pretty good amount of self obsession. Celebrities who get too wrapped up in their careers, themselves, and fortune and fame are a dime a dozen.

It’s unfortunate when these celebrities have kids that they put on the back burner for the thrill of making money, going to parties, and going on fabulous vacations. Of course, these children are normally equipped with butlers and nannies along with more money then we’d ever hope for, but that still doesn’t necessarily make the child feel loved.

These celebrities took their self obsession to new levels and that really just got in the way of them being good parents. Loving ourselves more than our children is seemingly unfathomable, but it does happen. Sadly, these kids were pushed aside for grits and glamour that they were no competition for.

The life of a celebrity does have its benefits, but it also has its fair share of obstacles us normal folk don’t have.

Press, stress, and self obsession are all a big part of a celebrity’s life which makes it very difficult knowing when to draw the line between who we are publicly and family life. Many of these celebrities found themselves caught up in the drama and money, and their children seem to just slip away.

Here are 15 celebrities that love themselves more than their own kids. Let us know your opinion!



Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham got her fame from the MTV shows Teen Mom as well as 16 and Pregnant. Unfortunately for her, she fits into the negative stereotype of both being a teen mom and a reality star whose kept herself relevant by putting out s*x tapes. There’s a few conflicting reports of whether it was a p*rn video or a s*x tape, but either way, that’s not something you ever want to see your mom starring in.

Abraham could also be seen on Celebrity Big Brother, where she was given the label of the most toxic housemate. That isn’t exactly what you want to hear when you think of a woman raising a child. Her issues may stem from those she has with her own mother. In addition to starring in a handful of reality shows, Farrah self solves her issues with alcohol and drugs making her a rather unfit caregiver for her young daughter.