It’s hard to believe that it has almost been two decades since the 1990s. It was a much simpler time when Friends was the best thing you could find on TV and before the internet opened up an entire new way to stream television shows, which has really helped change the way TV has been watched over the past few years.

These 90s sitcoms have stayed in the hearts of many of their fans over the years and it seems like over the past few years, a number of these stars have aged so well that it’s like no time has gone by whatsoever, but there are others who haven’t aged so well to the point where you might not even recognize them anymore.

The aging process everyone at some point in their lives, but it seems that these celebrities have either learned to embrace it and have been able to avoid it completely. It seems that the latter wasn’t the best of ideas with the internet now making it so that there’s nowhere to hide from the downfalls of social media or camera phones.

The list you’re getting ready to look at is just 10 of our favorite 90s sitcom stars who have aged over the past two decades and made that obvious. While it also looks at 10 other stars who have seemingly been dipped into the fountain of youth and it’s left them looking younger than many of their fans are led to believe they are.

Here are 10 90s sitcom stars that don’t look great anymore and 10 that look even better.

1. Aged Well: Jennifer Aniston

Friends was the biggest show throughout the 1990s and made superstars out of the 6 main actors on the show. Of course, Jennifer Aniston was the most successful of the stars on the show and had been casted in films while she was still appearing as Rachel Green on the popular show.

It got to a point where the show became so popular that each member of the cast was earning around $1 million an episode at the peak of its run, but Aniston wanted to leave the show before it actually came to an end and was seemingly one of the reasons why the show ended with just 10 seasons. Aniston has continued to star in a few of Hollywood’s biggest films over the past few decades and has also continued to look absolutely stunning at the same time. Aniston doesn’t look a day over 30, and it’s hard to believe that she’s actually 49.