Anne Hathaway

When you think of the start of Anne Hathaway’s career, your mind might immediately go to the 2001 comedy, The Princess Diaries, which made over $150 million at the box office. But this photo, which was taken at a Fox TV Celebration event in 1999, was a result of her involvement in the television series, Get Real that Hathaway had a starring role in.

If you don’t remember the show, it’s probably because it was canceled after only 1 season and had 2 episodes which didn’t even get aired.

One thing that may add an extra level of appeal to the series is the fact that it also starred Jesse Eisenberg. While there must have been extreme disappointment when the show was cancelled, it was clearly the best thing for both of these actors’ career.

Here she looks practically as she did in the first film when she was a commoner before she was a princess. She has definitely glowed up throughout the years.