Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington’s television series Scandal is one of the best ones on television. She’s even been nominated for an Emmy on two separate occasions, as well as a Golden Globe, for her outstanding performance in the show.

And while she’s come up unsuccessful, perhaps the final season of Scandal which will be airing later this year will be the push the Academy needs to give her the win.

Washington can often be seen looking tremendous, whether it is on or off the screen. But if she could go back and re-do some of her past fashion choices, this outfit may come to her mind pretty quickly.

The premise of jeans and a nice sweater is a safe enough bet, but your guess is as good as ours as to what is going on with the fur! Thankfully on Scandal, she never fails to impress the viewers with her incredible outfits and style. She’s the main focus of the show for a reason.