It’s just like the old saying, “age is just a number,” and it really is. But sometimes numbers can be deceiving, just like celebrities when it comes to their age. Whether you blame it on wardrobe, makeup, or personality, some of these celebrities aren’t exactly what or who they appear to be!

We’ve looked up to and loved some of these stars, we’ve become emotionally invested in their lives, and we’ve even grown up with some of them, but have you ever wondered to yourself how old they all really are? Scrolling through Instagram and seeing pictures of Ferraris as push presents or having a company netted at almost $1 billion; have you ever wondered how old Kylie Jenner really is? Or seeing pictures of Sofia Richie on a private jet with her much older boyfriend and wondering how old she is? Well, you’ll most likely find yourself shocked by the age of some of these entries. Here are 15 celebrity kids that already look like they’re entering their 40s.

1. Lorde – 21 Years Old

She’s been known for running in Taylor Swift’s girl squad, she’s incredibly mature, she’s won 2 Grammy Awards, but you will never believe that Lorde’s actually only 21 years old! We know, and were just as shocked as you are! She was only 17 when we first met her, and even then, her age was a huge shocker for many! We can only guess that her dark clothing, dark makeup, and Lorde’s very long dark hair ages her, tricking us all in believing she’s way older (and more mature) than she actually is. Appearance has a tendency to do that on some people.