Some of the best couples we see come from people who for the most part are vastly mismatched. Experts often say that opposites attract, and in most cases this is true, but how about the physical aspect of it all? Some couple dress different, look like they’re into completely different hobbies, act different, and overall just appear to have nothing in common with each other. There are a lot of couples like this in Hollywood. Celebrities are dating people who are on the complete opposite end of the spectrum, not only professionally, but also on a mental and physical level. Every week there is a new couple alert that boggles the mind of haters and fans alike and leaves them questioning. In fact, this may be the only time you’ll see fans and haters agree on anything that regards a celebrity. Some couples leave people feeling like they’ve been completely duped. We are wondering just how some of these women get these men or better yet, how some of these men have the privilege of being with these amazing women. Society has to make sense of what is happening in Hollywood because some of the relationships coming out of that place are driving us all insane. Since when was it okay for a basketball player to date an actress who looks like she doesn’t leave the safe haven of her upper-middle-class neighborhood or a reality star to date a well-known actress. The couples on this list have left fans around the world baffled.

1. Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott

So, no, Kylie Jenner dating a rapper isn’t weird, but what is weird is that they ended up having a baby together. The couples tends to come off as just a fling and there’s no way there wasn’t a little slip up in her birth control. Now we’re stuck questioning whether the couple is together sincerely or because of the circumstances of not practicing abstinence. It just seems weird and so off, but one thing’s for sure, Stormi Webster, their daughter, is gorgeous. Even if they don’t end up staying together they were brought together to bring this life into the world and that can’t be a mistake. The video that Jenner released showed a softer side of Travis Scott. He isn’t flashy, he’s obsessed with his new daughter and he’s all about his music.