They’re designed for big thrills, made of steel, and we’re willing to pay hefty fees, make road trips and stand in lines that makes us long for DMV queues… All just for a few minutes of adrenaline rushes, blood-curdling screams, and heart-pounding excitement. We seek them out for a day of family traditions, carefree enjoyment, and sometimes just hype. Amusement park rides and roller coasters are synonymous with fun. These legendary iron beasts are the stuff dreams are made of for any coaster ride collector or adrenaline junky.

Whether it is due to park negligence, mechanical failure or visitor carelessness, the only times these famed attractions aren’t glorious wonders of design is when they kill. Sure, there’s always a little risk every individual boarding an amusement park ride feels initially, but for the most part, we expect to endure nothing more than a good scare, which is exactly what we came for. The thought of not making it home after a day packed with fun is beyond comprehension for most. With respect to the victims and their families, some of these amusement park ride disasters were due to reckless behavior, so make certain to always follow the rules on your next trip to cut down your chances of ending up on a gruesome list such as this.

Make sure you aren’t within a month or two of a planned theme park visit, sit back and read about these 15 horrific amusement park rides that have killed. You must be brave if you’re entering this article…

1. Cedar Point’s Raptor

A 45-year-old special education teacher, James Young Jr. of East Canton, Ohio was killed by the Raptor in 2015, a record-breaking steel inverted roller coaster that was built in 1994 after walking into the restricted area of the ride in search of his cellphone and other personal belongings that he’d lost while on the ride. While retrieving his items he was struck on the of the head by a passing train. His family says he was a smart and logical man and pulling off a risky move like this wasn’t like James. To make matters even more tragic, he was scheduled to start as a school counselor (which was his dream job) once school started back up. The summer trip was something he looked forward to regularly with his good friends.