Sharks, leopards, polar bears, snakes, these probably aren’t the kind of animals you normally want to get close to. Yet, in some parts of the world, there are people who think nothing of having some of the most feared animals in the world sitting right on their porch.

Amazingly, simple interventions allow this to work out just fine most of the time. Perhaps humanity doesn’t need to be so nervous about its wild cousins after all.

Here are 10 places where dangerous animals live alongside humans. Let us know if any of these surprise you.

1. Polar Bears In Hudson Bay

A former military base, the town of Churchill on the shore of Hudson Bay, Canada, is one of the few places in the world where polar bears outnumber people. the migrating bears frequently walk through the town and not always peaceably during the winter months. After a few people experienced some encounters with the bears that were a little too close for comfort, a group was set up called the Polar Bear Alert Program.

In any situation where there might be a risk of polar bears injuring or being injured by humans, the organization intervenes and deters the bears from the area without causing them harm. Sometimes, however, a bear may persist in getting involved with people. This isn’t safe for anyone, including the bears, so they have to be taken to “polar bear jail.”

There, the bears stay in a holding facility until the sea ice that they rely on to catch seals begins freezing over again. Then the bears are moved back into their land of icebergs.