Although most people find themselves skeptical about alien life, whether merely microbial or advanced, other forms of life most likely exist somewhere in the universe. Most scientists agree that this is most certainly the case.

That does not mean that gray aliens with big eyes and large heads are out there somewhere abducting people, but statistically speaking, it’s almost certain that some kind of “space insect” or cosmic microbe is going about its business somewhere in the universe. With that in mind, here are 10 reasons alien life really is probably out there somewhere.

Let us know if any of these surprise you.

1. Life Could Be Based On Other Elements

Mainstream science concentrates on locating life that requires the same building blocks and conditions as Earth’s life-forms for the most part. However, it’s that life could exist on another planet that requires a completely different set of conditions and would truly be “alien” to us.

Again, the possibilities are endless, but perhaps there is a being that resides in gas or liquid form? Or, if a given planet has an atmosphere comprised of nitrogen or hydrogen, for example, might its life-forms primarily be based upon these elements? Or perhaps one of these elements is abundant in liquid form, and so it takes the place in alien life-forms of the water in our bodies.

This theory is supported in part by the increasing number of living organisms that thrive in otherwise hostile conditions on Earth. It’s not that much of a stretch of the imagination to believe that a similar organism might exist in the inferno of Venus or in the freezing conditions of Mars.

In short, we might not have found alien life yet because we might not know what we are looking for. Just to take it a thought further. Alien life could even exist in a form that is undetectable to us in terms of what our ears and eyes can see hear or see. It really could be a case of we don’t know that we don’t know, but we don’t know! Yet!