Yes, the word’s out, Kylie Jenner was, indeed, pregnant. Before you go breaking out the champagne, she’s already had the baby and it’s a girl. What has everyone baffled is why all of the secrecy? She was acting like her baby was Renesmee and the rest of the world was the Volturi going after child. That was one great meme. But truly, it was pretty weird that Kylie didn’t just embrace that she was pregnant and show off her baby bump for the few months she would have it. It isn’t like we weren’t going to eventually find out anyway.

There’s been a lot of speculation over the past few months and Kylie kept assuring the world that she just had too many tacos. We can’t believe that she kept this one up the entire time she was pregnant. Why couldn’t she just be honest? It wasn’t just her either; there were a lot of people that were helping her keep the secret, as well.

The name of Kylie’s baby has finally been revealed to the world, and just like the rest of the Kardashian clan, you’d never guess it. They welcomed Stormi into the world and we aren’t too sure how we feel about the name. For some reason, Kylie decided to post a video of the last nine months of her pregnancy for her fans after keeping it in complete secrecy during the time it was actually happening. It’s truly bizarre. We’re taking a look at the things that Kylie Jenner wanted to keep secret about her pregnancy because we want some answers.




Travis Scott Felt The Pressure

Maybe Travis Scott just wasn’t ready to be a father, after all, Kylie Jenner is still so young at 20 years old. In our day and age, it’s young to be having babies, she had her whole life ahead to where she could’ve done that. Kim Kardashian has been harassing Scott to step up in his role as a father. Kim has been giving him non-stop text messages and has been putting a lot of pressure on him. This wouldn’t be the first time Scott has admitted to feeling like he’s been bullied by the family.

She might’ve just kept the entire pregnancy secret because announcing it to the world would’ve only put more pressure on him. Kylie doesn’t want Travis feeling any pressure and has insisted that the harassment from within the family must stop. Kylie appreciates her family’s support, but in situations like this one, it can make things so much worse. Pressuring a guy is never the best way of getting what you want.