You know Kylie Jenner, she’s the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan and at 20 years old, she’s already made it known she’s the wild, sometimes bratty and pretty much talentless sister. She also has to compete with her sister Kendall, whose burning up the modeling scene with fancy photo shoots and runway shows. Kylie’s done some modeling of her own as well, but she’s just not as gifted in the looks department as Kendall. That’s okay though, because Kylie has other activities to pursue. For example, makeup. There’s no denying Kylie’s lips have went under a major transformation over the years, and she even released a line of Kylie Jenner Lip Kits (more on that later.)

Even though she’s trying new things and branching out, it seems that Kylie still harbors some poor self-esteem. The most selfie-indulgent of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters, Kylie seems to be very needy and attention-seeking. Yet Kylie still has loads of fans who keep up with her every move, so here are a few things that her fans might want to just erase form their memory or ignore (if they can!). Good luck trying to forget about Kylie’s most embarrassing moment, or how her entrepreneurial ventures panned out.

1. Her Horrible Karaoke Skills

Kylie Jenner has given karaoke a go on several occasions, and each time it has been… Well, not very good. One example was during her sister Khloe’s birthday party. Kylie did a karaoke duet with Blac Chyna, which was actually pretty surprising, considering that Tyga is rumored to have broken up with Blac Chyna just so he could get with Kylie. Everything looks fine and dandy in the video though! Another instance in which Kylie was howling away was in a public bathroom, where she and a friend were singing together. A stranger walks in, and the two girls suddenly stop and look really sheepish. Awkward!