Hollywood is a superstitious place. There’s a lot of history that’s embedded in it, and there’s an enormous fascination with Tinseltown from people all around the world. Myths get extended, stories get passed on and curses, when they spring up, get sensationalized. Perhaps it’s a legacy from the historic superstitions of the theater. There are some serious traditions in the theatrical world, such as those surrounding Macbeth, or, er, the Scottish play. For the longest time there’s been a fear that if you ever speak the name Macbeth while on stage, or even in theater, that the performance/play will be jinxed. Some say this goes back to an agreement that Shakespeare made with an actual coven of witches, others say that it’s grown over time as bad things happen on set. Whatever the reasons, people believe it, or, even if they don’t believe it, they adhere to the rules of the superstition. Hollywood is more of the same.

Really, if you were to give it some thought, curses have been around forever, and every culture in the world has likely incorporated them into their belief systems in one way or another. It really should come as no surprise that the American movie industry and Hollywood would have them too. Over time, some of these curses have been largely forgotten, but at one point, they were all, discussed with some seriousness. There are the most famous curses that have befallen families, movie sets, people and events in Hollywood. Curses are often used as explanations for tragedies that seem to follow these collections of places, people or things. No one’s confirming the validity of any of these curses, we’re simply passing along the rumors that have been passed along to us.

Regardless if you believe these things or not, the curses on this list are incredibly interesting, albeit terribly sad, groups of events that seem to stretch the boundaries of coincidence. Here are 15 haunting Hollywood curses that could actually be real.

1. Curse Of The Dark Knight

The whispers of curses on the set of The Dark Knight trilogy didn’t really start until after the death of the actor portraying the Joker, Heath Ledger. Rumors of his troubled mental state, connected to that of the Joker character he played, made it seem like the movie poisoned him. Then Christian Bale ended up getting into trouble with the law (domestic abuse charges) and Morgan Freeman was in a car accident. There was also a crew member who died while filming a scene for The Dark Knight. Whenever multiple incidents pile up during one film or even a film franchise, we’re bound to hear people talking curses.