Before we begin, we’re well aware you’ve most likely seen every one of the Fast and the Furious movies several times and are probably an amazing driver.

But even if you’re essentially Dominic Toretto behind the wheel, you’d have to think long and hard before traveling down any of these 15 roads we’re going to be talking about.

These are roads nobody can prepare for when it comes to the conditions of them.

We’ve got places nicknamed “death lord,” “the highway of death,” and there’s one road whose nickname literally translates “the road that tolerates no mistakes.”

We have searched high and low to discover the 15 most dangerous roads you can travel. And when say dangerous, we really do mean it.

Along with being ridiculously terrifying roads, you will also find that a few of these would be unforgettable due to their beautiful sights. But are the beautiful sights you’ll see really worth risking your life for? We think not.

Whether it’s steep heights, other drivers, awful weather conditions or, you know, the Taliban, every single road on this list poses more than enough threats to make your next drive out, your last one. So if you ever find yourself on one of these roads, be very cautious and careful…

Here are 15 roads that you never want to drive on. Let us know what you think!




Atlanterhavsvein – Norway

The Atlanterhavsein (also known as the Atlantic ocean road) is located in Norway on National Road 64.

The view is gorgeous, don’t let that distract you from the significant risks that this road poses. The road was built on small islands which stretch for roughly 5 miles. This means that if you were to crash, you’d end up going straight into the ocean. Let’s hope you’re a better swimmer than you were a driver!

Water on this road poses a constant risk, the waves are constantly crashing up against the roadway and as you can probably imagine, this greatly increases your chances of hydroplaning. Not to mention that even if you’re just a pedestrian, you better be ready for your impromptu surfing lesson on this road.

This part of Norway is still recognized by many books and magazines as one of the best places to take a road trip, despite all of its potential dangers.