Apparently, some of the Kardashian family was extra busy earlier this year, as well all know now, a few of the ladies in the Kardashian clan have “announced” that they were expecting. That’s right, it’s a straight apocalyptic nightmare because Kim is expecting her third child, Khloe is expecting her first, and Kylie is expecting her first as well. While were used to seeing Kim out and about with her and Kanye’s kids, watching Khloe and the youngest Jenner tackle first-time motherhood is something we haven’t seen before and should be entertaining. We all know that Khloe has what it takes, but when it comes down to Kylie, we’re not sure if she’s quite ready for the lifelong task of being a mother. Some of her past actions and brought that into question lately and even prove that Kylie may be one crappy guardian.

Here are 15 reasons why Kylie is going to be the worst mother ever.

2. Me, Me, Me, Look At Me

Of course, every single Kardashian has a vanity issue and every one of them are also raging narcissists, but Kylie takes it one step too far. And we never thought we find ourselves saying that about a member of the family that isn’t Kim, who Kris had to famously shut down with “Kim, stop taking pictures of yourself, your sister is going to jail” during one of their famous car rides. But Kylie? If you head over to her Instagram you’ll see that almost every other picture is of her showing off her fake, make-up heavy, eyes and lips or her newest outfit. And why does every pose she makes look like she’s looking for something she dropped on the ground? So how’s she going to take it when all of her spotlight suddenly shifts over to the baby? Sure, Kim still finds ways to pivot the attention from her own kids back to herself, so Kylie has her to turn to if the baby is attempting to steal her attention.