So despite all of the success the world could offer, some actors do become pariahs of sorts. Producers shy away from hiring them and directors absolutely hate them, and the reasons are all over the place. It could be one big mistake that leads them to a very public fall from grace. It could be the excessive demands that don’t really justify the quality of work some actors are offering, or it could be the repeated acts and behavior of a certain actor that make the star’s staff, entourage and even co-stars begin to hate them. We’ve witnessed something like this happen from time to time, think about the obvious examples like Amanda Bynes. After she was known for being a hit teen star and then moving over to film successfully, chaos began to take over her life. Bizarre selfies, many mistakes, and public breakdowns later, Bynes announced she going to retire. By that time nobody would’ve worked with her anyways.

Robert Downey Jr. would be another case, his rehab sessions and multiple visits to jail meant he wasn’t an “insurable” by any means, which is why Hollywood dumped him. There were still no takers even after he tried to turn his life around. Roles only started coming his way after he was helped out by Mel Gibson to pay an exorbitant insurance premium. Luckily, he was able to successfully turn his life around. But everyone in the industry isn’t so lucky, as is obvious with the list below.

1. Has-Been: Johnny Depp

Apparently the persona Jack Sparrow has in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise is the same persona Depp has in real-life if the movie crew is to be believed. Fond of partying, Depp seems to be completely out of it and has often been spotted looking unkempt and wild in most of his recent public appearances. Aside from Pirates of the Caribbean, none of his other recent releases have made any money at the box office, which means Depp is quickly going from a Hollywood biggie to a Hollywood recluse. One of the biggest skeletons in his cupboard was his short-lived marriage to Amber Heard, which also involved mistreatment from his side if you believe was Heard has said. A hefty settlement and some hunky-dory statements on either side were an effort made to put things right for him, but there are still those who believe in his culpability. This means that all the popularity he once had is leaving him behind.