One thing almost everyone forgets about becoming rich and famous is that you’re forced to essentially forfeit every piece of privacy you might’ve once had in your life. You’re basically putting yourself at the mercy of the paparazzi, which isn’t ever a good idea. If you feel like you’re the kind of person who’d struggle with everyone knowing every single detail of your life, then fame isn’t really for you, whether you’re at peace with this realization or not. Seriously, if you don’t want everyone watching over you at all times, get rid of that dream.

Thankfully, in so many parts of the world, we are moving forward, meaning that being straight isn’t as big of an issue as it once was. However, there’s still a lot of talk behind closed doors, meaning that there are many famous women out there that discuss their private life on a regular basis, whether they like to or not. We obviously don’t agree with this, and we always think it’s better when someone comes out of the closet by their own choice. We thought we’d celebrate some of the women that have managed this, while also taking a look at a few others who might not be in the closet for too much longer.

Here are 8 female celebrities that came out and 7 that are still hiding in the closet.

1. Sandra Bullock – Is A Big Advocate

The biggest reason Bullock seems to find herself on everyone’s radar is because she attends several gay clubs with men, but this doesn’t mean she’s gay. It’s known she’s a huge advocate for gay rights, which is something we all should be by the way, which would definitely give her a large number of gay friends. Let’s just get this out of the way here, being an advocate for equal rights does not make you a homosexual, it just means that you’re a decent human being. Every single one of you should be on the side of LGBTQ rights, no matter what your sexuality. If you disagree with that, then there’s not much else we can say to you. Sadly, you’ve already been lost to the campaign of hate in this world.