Creepy Comment From Guest

We’ve already talked about guests who become violent, but there are also examples of guests who act creepy towards the employees. People who have worked there for many years rack up a lot of these stories, and they’ve seen some pretty strange people during their time at Six Flags.

Although this story is pretty creepy, it doesn’t actually involve any physical abuse, which is good at least. But if I were her, I would have felt incredibly uncomfortable in this situation… Here’s her story:

“I’ve had a couple of strange regular guests. I would say the weirdest encounter was when a guest asked me to make sure that I helped his children get strapped in.

I reassured him saying that I would check all my guests seats to ensure their safety. I did so cheerfully and he said word for word, ‘You’re so sweet, you’re so cute! I wish I could take you home and play with you all day.’”

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