You Won’t Really Be Punished For Cutting In Line

If there’s one thing people really hate about going to a theme park like Six Flags, it’s the long, never-ending lines. But according to this Six Flags employee, if you cut in line and get away with it, none of the employees will actually punish you for it.

He even goes as far as saying that they don’t even have a procedure for dealing with people cutting in line. The only way you’ll get in trouble is if there are tons of guests pointing you out, which is pretty rare. It’s pretty disturbing to me that the staff doesn’t even care about a huge issue like cutting in line. Here’s what the employee has to say:

“I can tell you that we really don’t have a procedure for [cutting in line]. If you manage to cut without any guests in line noticing, you’re fine.

If a ton of guests are pointing fingers at you saying you cut in line, I’ll give security a call. Most often what happens is that some kid will try to cut in line to be funny, and when someone notices him he just walks back to where he was.”

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