Poop Everywhere

This is why I personally hate theme parks. They’re just so dirty and gross. Although I had no idea there was so much poop lying around everywhere. I guess people actually just squat down and poop in the bushes? Or even on the sidewalk?

I would hope that it’s mostly kids doing it, but somehow I doubt that. Whoever these employees are, they deserve a much higher wage for the (literal) crap they have to put up with. Here’s what one employee had to say:

“It’s crazy how much poop we find. In the line, behind vending machines, in the middle of the f*cking paths.

Most of it can be contributed to all the feral cats running around in the park, but sometimes you can just look and tell that it was a human that did it. I sometimes wonder what the encounter would be like if I ever caught someone in the act.”

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