You Can Pretend To Be Disabled

Many people will find this cool, but I find it pretty disturbing… People actually get away with pretending to be disabled in order to beat the lines. And it’s actually illegal for them to inquire about your disabilities, so they won’t try to question your intentions. Here’s one employee’s account of a time where this happened:

“If you get the flash pass, cool. But you can also go to guest relations and get an ADA (American Disability Act) pass. Even if you are not disabled we can not discriminate. This pass allows you to have wait times instead of physically waiting in line.

You can’t use the pass for more than one ride at a time. My advice would be to do as many rides as possible would be to get the ADA pass, a flash pass, and also physically wait in line. That way you could pretty much wait for 3 rides at once.

Just tuck your flash pass away and hide your wrist bands when using the ADA pass. Anyone can get one because it is illegal to inquire about disabilities. You can’t get a wait time for more than one ride at a time, but you could have a wait time while you physically wait in line for another ride! Helps to make sure you can get on as many rides as possible.”

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